• The Swimsuit Lesson

    The Swimsuit Lesson

    The client came to us needing a great website to showcase his book. After discussing his site needs, as well as the traffic expected we suggested building the site on the Joomla CMS to leverage some of Joomla's built-in functionality to meet his needs. The site design we came up with helps to showcase his book, and to highlight his speaking engagements on Good Morning America, ABC, and WB News.
  • Name Bubbles - Media Room

    Name Bubbles - Media Room

    This project was an enterprise level custom wordpress build with a focus on responsive layout and ease of maintenance for the client. Our lead developer coded this site while working with Madwire Media. The site content is built to be 100% controllable through custom functionality built into the wordpress dashboard, which allows the client to change any content on the site at any point without needing to touch any code, or contact a developer.
  • Ortho Health

    Ortho Health

    This project was a redesign / rebuild of the client's previous site. Due to the large scale of content on the site, as well as the number of users editing the content & need to control access to specific areas of the site, we suggested Joomla as the platform to build the new site on. This site was built with focus on ease of use for the client. The site design was laid out to present the large amount of content in an easy-to-navigate manner, while ensuring the site content is easy for the client to maintain & update.
  • Blue Entertainment

    Blue Entertainment

    This project was a fully customized video game social media community. Users can connect with each other on forums and personal profile pages, as well as upload various media for peer review and comments, including videos, music, and art!
  • Fut Glove

    Fut Glove

    This website was an entirely custom built design on the BigCommerce shopping cart. The base BigCommerce framework theme was completely rebuilt from the ground up, resulting in a truly unique and stable website.
  • Free Virtual Mailbox

    Free Virtual Mailbox

    The aim of this project was to create a completely custom website for online shipping management. Customers can create an account and manage their "virtual" mailbox by sending, receiving, and forwarding packages from a US address to anywhere in the world. Project highlights include intensive database work and process checking with international shipping legalities.
  • Inbound Results
    This site was for a start-up project we were involved in. The goal of the startup was to to build an "all-in-one" SAAS that would handle everything from email marketing, drip campaigns, contact management, social media management, to analytics and in-depth reporting. Unfortunately the project went belly-up, but the website we built for the investor meetings is still online and running. The site was built in under 2 weeks using a 2 person development team.

    The website is built on HTML5 / CSS3 / PHP / Bootstrap 3 and while we never got the chance to unit test the site, the site itself is 90% completed. We chose to include this in the portfolio as an example of some of the custom work that can be done in a very limited timeframe.