• Jesse Goll

    Jesse Goll

    Lead Web Developer

    Jesse G, grew up working on computers. He fondly remembers playing spacing invaders on a Tandy II. Jesse has over 12 years experience working in the industry on everything from single page brochure sites to multi-million dollar enterprise level sites.

    With a strong background in print & graphic design, Jesse saw a natural progression to segue into development and programming. With more than 200 site builds under his belt, Jesse’s strengths include Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, JSON, and every CMS / eCommerce platform he can get his hands on.

    Prior to joining the team at Vivid Matter, Jesse has worked with Madwire Media and Pet360 as a Web Developer.

    Hobbies & Interests

    When not buried deep in the latest programming book. Jesse G enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, and spending time with his wife and twin daughters.

  • Joe Bramer

    Joe Bramer

    Software Programmer

    Joe Bramer has been working in the digital industry since 1998 At large corporations such as HP, IBM, AT&T and many more. He is a seasoned software programmer building state of the art web based programs.

    Hobbies & Interests

    When Joe isn’t coding at the office, He is either lost in the mountains or coding at home. Joe is a firestorm of ideas, fabrication and software.